Perfect valentine gifts for pets | Dr. Ruth Roberts

What is the Perfect Valentine Gift For Dogs

Our furbabies show us unconditional love and affection every year. And we, fur parents, want the best Valentine’s Gift For Dogs and cats.
Our pets keep us warm when we’re cold, comfort us when we’re unhappy, and keep us on our feet when we’re tired. From new toys to tasty & delicious treats & meals, there is so much to choose from.
Keep reading to discover what’s on my ultimate valentine’s pet gift guide. Because when it comes to giving back to our pets, we want to make sure we do it pawfectly!

Here’s a great guide if you aren’t sure what to buy yet.

1. Quality Time 

A new toy is exciting, and a tasty treat is great, but your pet wants nothing more than to spend time with you. Make some quality time for your dogs this love month.
Here are some suggestions for things to do together:

  1. Include an additional stroll in your everyday regimen.
  2. Pull out the dog or cat toys and play with your pet on a regular basis.
  3. Spend an additional hour on the couch with your partner, watching anything! It doesn’t really matter.
  4. Bring your pet along on vehicle excursions and vacations. Check out this blog post to ensure safe travel with your pets.
  5. Instead of going to the groomer, give your dog a spa treatment at home.
  6. Go outside and try a new pastime with your family, such as Frisbee golf!

Ensure they have enough stamina and help your senior dogs become more agile with the best dog supplements.

2. Fresh Catnip

There’s nothing wrong with dried catnip; it’s simply not as delicious as the pre-grown fresh catnip grass available in pet stores.
Mr. Snuggles put up with you putting him in that hideous sweater for Thanksgiving dinner. At the very least, treat yourself to a new catnip plant for your home.
Fresh catnip is available in pots at your local pet store and grows like grass. If you can’t locate it in your local pet store, you can order it for your feline companion online.

Check out this blog post to know what other safety plants you can give to your pets as a gift for them or simply for yourself!

3. Calmer Canine – Anxiety Loop & Vest 

Calmer Canine is a highly innovative, gentle, effective, safe, and drug-free treatment system for canine separation anxiety. I use it for my own dog, Hi-yo since she has anxiety and constantly travels to various places which have loud noises, thunder, or any noise that triggers her anxiety. It made a tremendous change and definitely is on my Ultimate list.


Perfect valentine gifts for pets | Dr. Ruth Roberts

The Calmer Canine device delivers targeted pulsed electromagnetic field (tPEMF) signals to the area of the brain responsible for causing the symptoms of anxiety. It effectively returns the anxious brain to a more balanced emotional state with long-lasting effects. Early evidence suggests that Calmer Canine may also help dogs with other anxieties and fears, such as thunder phobia, noise sensitivity, travel anxiety, general anxiety, and situational anxiety. Calmer Canine has been proven to work alone without other treatments or training and is safe to use with other solutions for anxiety, such as medications.

4. Homemade Pet Treats

Food will almost certainly always be your pet’s favorite gift, aside from you.
This year, instead of buying unhealthy corn-based goodies with fillers, make some delightful homemade treats for your pet.
Check some Healthy and Tasty treats for your best bud!


DIY Healthy Treats for Pets

Homemade Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Make sure to include the best-powdered supplements for your pets thru this Feline & Canine Supplement Collection.

Check out this blog post to learn how to prepare tasty and healthy treats for your Valentinos and Valentinas without upsetting their Tummy

5. Therapeutic Pet Bed

The Assisi Loop Lounge is a rechargeable treatment bed for dogs and cats suffering from pain and inflammation.

assisi lounge. Therapeutic bed for cats & dogs
With the Assisi Loop Lounge, you can help keep your pet’s discomfort and inflammation under control at home. The simple therapeutic bed comes in a variety of sizes and uses the same proprietary tPEMF therapy as the flagship Assisi Loop device. The Loop Lounge comes with a therapy pad, water-resistant fabric cover, rechargeable controller box, and power supply cord and is guaranteed to deliver 6,000 treatments. Available is different sizes to fit your pet’s size. Check out the Asisi Animal Health Collection for more therapeutic device for your pets.

6. A Healthy Bowl Of Home-cooked Fresh Food for Cats & Dogs

A long, happy, and healthy life is the most amazing gift you could possibly offer your pet. And there’s no better way to achieve that than by putting your cat or dog on The Original CrockPET Diet®.

Healthiest dog food
The Original CrockPET Diet® is a veterinarian-designed diet plan that includes fresh meats and vegetables prepared at home. It provides sufficient nutrients and ensures that your pet lives a long and healthy life. The Original CrockPet Diet is a home-cooked diet for your pet, made in your kitchen with only real foods. Dr. Ruth’s patented recipe is fully balanced for pets in all life stages and can improve the health of puppies and kittens, adult cats and dogs, and senior pets.

It’s intended to help pets with cancer or kidney illness enjoy the best quality of life possible, in addition to its excellent nutritional content.
This diet is customizable and you can definitely rotate the ingredients to tailor-fit your pet’s needs! From puppies, kittens to senior pets, either healthy or sick, The Original CrockPET Diet® is a hit with both cats and dogs. It is designed for pets in all life stages

Boost your pet’s holistic needs using The Original CrockPET Diet®. 


Dr. Ruth Roberts DVM, CVA

Dr. Ruth Roberts Holistiv Vet

Dr. Ruth Roberts is The Original Pet Health Coach, and has supported thousands of dogs and cats to overcome health hurdles like kidney disease, GI Illness, allergies and cancer. Her natural approach to healing creates a gentle yet effective path for your pet to take on their journey to wellbeing. Dr. Ruth created The Original CrockPet Diet, a balanced home cooked diet for pets, as the foundation of health. Dr. Ruth is now training passionate pet parents, and pet professionals to be Certified Holistic Pet Health Coaches so that more pets can be helped holistically.