The cold weather has descended upon us, which presents a unique challenge for furry friend owners: trying to keep your pets active this winter.

Oftentimes, the winter months lead to Netflix marathons and indoor hibernation—not just for you, but for your pet, too.

However, it’s important for your pet’s health to get regular exercise—even when it’s chilly outside.
In this post, we’re sharing 5 tricks to keep your pets active this winter.

Bring them to a pet store

Head into PetSmart or your local pet store for some wintertime fun! They’ll love interacting with other four-legged friends in the store, and they can help you pick out a toy to keep them busy at home.

Laser pointer

Laser pointers are especially great for keeping cats active! Point the laser at the floor while the cat tries to pounce on it. This activity will engage your cat for an extended amount of time (and better yet involves little to no effort on your behalf!).

Bring them to an indoor agility class

Too chilly to head to the dog park? Sign up for a weekly indoor agility class. Your pet will get some exercise, you both will have some bonding time, and your pet may learn some extra obedience lessons as well!

Hide treats in toys and place them around the house

This is a sneaky little trick to keep your pet active and engaged for an extended period of time! Hide a treat inside a toy with holes, such as this one.

Bundle up and go for a quick walk

Even if it’s chilly outside, going out for just a quick walk around the block will help your pets’ physical health. The fresh air and exercise will help improve their spirits—not to mention it’s an excellent way for you to get a little extra physical activity as well!







How do you keep your pets healthy and active in the winter months?

We’d love to hear in the comments below!

Dr. Ruth Roberts DVM, CVA

Dr. Ruth Roberts Holistiv Vet

Dr. Ruth Roberts is The Original Pet Health Coach, and has supported thousands of dogs and cats to overcome health hurdles like kidney disease, GI Illness, allergies and cancer. Her natural approach to healing creates a gentle yet effective path for your pet to take on their journey to wellbeing. Dr. Ruth created The Original CrockPet Diet, a balanced home cooked diet for pets, as the foundation of health. Dr. Ruth is now training passionate pet parents, and pet professionals to be Certified Holistic Pet Health Coaches so that more pets can be helped holistically.