Dogs have a longtime reputation of being man’s best friend.

We’ve heard countless tales of the amazing relationships dogs have with their human counterparts.

They are loyal, courageous, and affectionate—just to name a few of the traits we love so much about our dogs.
In this post, we’re remembering our 5 favorite famous dogs and why they hold a soft spot in our hearts.


This jet-black Husky from Alaska was truly a real-life hero that inspired a classic Hollywood animated film. Balto was part of a dog team that transported supplies to miners in the surrounding areas.

In 1925, when neighboring towns had an outbreak of diphtheria, a potentially deadly disease, they found the only anti-toxin medicine was 1,000 miles away.

Since it was the middle of winter in Alaska, transportation was nearly impossible by boat or plane and too remote for trains. With a relay of dog teams, Balto’s team took the last leg of the trip—only to get blinded by blizzard conditions and below freezing temperatures. With the musher unable to navigate, Balto knew the trail well and led the team to the town.

Which is why Balto undoubtedly makes our list!


Appollo, a German Shepard, was the first police K-9 to respond at Ground Zero on September 11.

Arriving right as the towers collapsed, Appollo and his partner waded through waist-deep water. At one point, Appollo’s coat caught on fire, and after the embers were brushed off, he went back to searching.

When reality set in that no more survivors would be found, Appollo did not want to stop his efforts and had to be physically carried out from the debris.

With his bravery, as well as many other rescue dogs that day, many lives were saved.

Air Bud

Okay, so Air Bud isn’t based on a real story, but the movie series became an instant hit in the late 1990s and early 2,000s. This sports-playing dog conquered basketball, football, baseball, and even volleyball.

It might not be based on a true tale, but the athletic skills of Air Bud were real as can be! An incredible golden retriever named Buddy first played the role.

Fun fact: Buddy is the same dog who played Comet on Full House.



How could we forget Toto, The Wizard of Oz dog? The little black Cairn Terrier who played this famous part was named Terry in real life.

And yes, she took her profession incredibly seriously—doing an excellent job of a girl dog playing a boy dog. Since Toto helped Dorothy escape from the Wicked Witch, it’s a no-brainer Toto made our list.


You didn’t think we’d forget this classic, did you? The star of the 7-film series Lassie was actually a male dog named Pal. When the TV show got picked up, his son Lassie Jr. took on the role. Since our favorite Border Collie always saved the day, we’d be remiss not to leave her a spot!

The American Humane Association’s Hero Dog Awards recognizes everyday

K-9 heroes.

Visit their site for more inspirational stories.

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